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Right to be forgotten solicitors

About our right to be forgotten solicitors

About our right to be forgotten solicitors

We are part of the Internet Law Centre, a Law Society award winning law firm. Cases under a right to be forgotten form a significant amount of the work that we carry out.

Why choose us to support you with your right to be forgotten application

The history of our internet law firm

Our mission

Why choose us to support you with your right to be forgotten application

We are the only dedicated internet law firm in the UK with 6 expert lawyers who have been focusing their entire attention and passion on helping individuals and companies remove damaging material from the internet. Because our entire focus is on internet law, we can give our clients experienced-based, tailor-made strategic solutions to online reputation challenges.

We have removed thousands of posts and web pages from the internet for over 20 years and things have only got better for our clients with the rights they now have under a right to be forgotten. Each month, our lawyers submit dozens of successful right to be forgotten applications, together with successful appeals and privacy claims against search engines. The right to be forgotten cases include extremely challenging situations of regulatory discipline publications against solicitors, accountants, doctors and people who work in the financial services.

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The history of our internet law firm

Our law firm, Cohen Davis Solicitors was founded in 2013 by solicitor Yair Cohen who had been a website coder and an internet marketeer for more than 20 years. He is recognised as one of the UK’s leading internet law solicitors. Yair's aim was to create a law firm which is dedicated to helping individuals solve legal issues that they encounter by using the internet. Since its inception, Cohen Davis has won a number of awards, but more importantly, won scores of internet law cases which created legal precedents which have led the way.

We are the only law firm dedicated in the field of internet law. Some of those cases have attracted media attention whilst others have remained the property of the client who instructed this firm and will never be published in order to protect the clients’ right to privacy.

The firm now has 6 lawyers and its dedication to success, excellence and positive outcomes is as strong as it has even been.

Our mission

It is our mission to use our experience and influence to help our clients gain a second chance in life. All of our lawyers and staff are passionate about helping people, just like you, navigate through the legal challenges of internet law. Making a successful Right to be Forgotten application could be particularly challenging for most individuals.

Currently, there is an imbalance of powers between individuals and internet companies. Many of the major internet companies act with impunity. They misuse their powerful technological and financial advantages to suppress individual’s rights to privacy. Internet companies also suppress other legal rights, such as a right to be rehabilitated and a right to a private life. Some choose short term commercial advantages over their customers’ basic and human rights.

There are many challenges to every Right to be Forgotten case that we take on. Sometimes it takes a great deal of stubbornness, persistence and perseverance to achieve this mission. These are qualities which we ensure all our Right to be Forgotten lawyers possess and we are proud to give comprehensive legal right to be forgotten advice.


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Right to be Forgotten Solicitors

We are the only law firm in the UK with a dedicated team that specialises exclusively in making successful Right to be Forgotten applications.

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