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Right to be Forgotten to Remove Adult videos from the Internet.

Right to be Forgotten to Remove Adult Videos

Removing adult videos using right to be forgotten

There are many cases of individuals who have used the right to be forgotten to remove adult videos from the internet. However, too many who are unaware of their legal rights under a right to be forgotten, continue to suffer for no good reason. 

Removal of historic sex videos

How hard is it to remove a sexually explicit video from the internet

Strategies to help you remove adult videos from the internet

Removal of historic sex videos

When Avril agreed to participate in making a one-off sex video, she was a student and needed money quickly. At the time, she did not anticipate that ten years later, her erotic film had been cut into dozens of short clips and published and republished and shared, hundreds and hundreds of times by strangers who had nothing to do with the creation of the films. Ten years on, her one video appears on countless sites and she cannot escape it. It is doing nothing for her confidence regarding her career aspects and she regrets that fleeting decision about making one video, all of that time ago.

Back then, she didn’t think twice about signing a contract that assigned all of the intellectual property rights to the film production company and presumed that they would keep matters under their control. She now wanted that video and any related videos and links deleted off the web. She wanted to be forgotten on the internet. She sent her right to be forgotten request off to Google but only had one link removed. She wants the entire lot removed and the sources, too.

How hard is it to remove a sexually explicit video from the internet

Most adult videos are being copied and shared dozens of times, which makes it difficult to have the internet completely cleared. People who have already downloaded the films can upload clips at any time they want but the fact of the matter is that the more available a film is online, the more likely it is to be copied and uploaded by opportunists. At the same time, sex videos, which are rarely found online are usually far less likely to be copied. Think of it as a graffiti effect. A wall full of graffiti is much more likely to get more graffiti than a clean wall.

Well, if you created the original video yourself, you own the copyright to it so we can assert this right on your behalf and usually very quickly have the porn videos removed from nearly all websites.

Strategies to help you remove adult videos from the internet

If somebody else produced the video, you will need to ask them to allow you to buy, at least some of the rights to the videos, enough to enable you to assert intellectual property rights.

Additionally, there are various privacy laws, some created by case law and others under GDPR and other legislations, such as a right to be forgotten,  which should help you persuade website operators to delete videos from their websites and certainly force Google to remove snippets, images and links from search results.  

In extreme cases, you might be able to obtain a blocking injunction which will block access to a website which infringes your privacy rights to users in the UK. This, however, is an extreme measure but your ability to block access to a website, could be used as a powerful leverage to help persuade website operators to do the right thing. 

Many operators of adult websites will honour a request to remove an image or a video, even if you don’t own the copyright to it. Finally, if the volume of videos that feature you is high, you should be able, in most cases trademark your name, or stage name, to help you control what videos and images can stay online. 

If you are serious about taking steps to remove porn videos from the internet regardless of how many of them are out there, give us a call to discuss. We have experienced lawyers and an award winning dedicated legal and technical team who will do their utmost to help you achieve your goal. We have specialist porn lawyers  who handle sensitively cases involving adult images and videos. You have a right to be forgotten about a decision you made all of those years ago, that didn’t affect anyone but yourself in later life. It can all be changed when you give us a call.


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